Baccalaureate results 2023 with Taalim

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The Moroccan Education Ministry is collaborating with the American Microsoft to evolve the educational platform with the purpose to help students in different classes and various levels through the country, elementary students, middle level or the ones from high schools, this website will offer to them a set of useful virtual services. This is one of the essential and modern tools of TIC program to facilitate student life.

For this year 2023, it's possible for each baccalaureate candidate can connect on Office 365 where he can store his study documents and share exam topics, revision sheets with classmates and colleagues, while the most important service that can benefit is the examinations result as well as the assessment scores

Office 365

On the search bar, the user has to insert the link: to have access to the login page where he must put his e-mail like this: or The password it's the ID number, date of birth and, of course, the "at" "@" sign, for example, X123456@09051996


Changing the password it's so easy, you are a user and you want to change your account? You need to get to using the same coordinates to connect to your space account, you must note that the new password must be between 8 and 16 characters including uppercase, lowercase, numbers and characters (@, £, &, ...).

Baccalaureat examination results

Each participant in the Moroccan national bachelor's degree in one of its two sessions can see his results in his e-mail box from the platform When the government gives the results, every student gets a new e-mail with his final score and the official detailed transcript, this way the student can see every subject's average.

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