External candidates in baccalaureate degree

Baccalaureate degree for external candidates in Morocco is an opportunity offered by the ministry of education to those who did not succeed there examination or for graduates who want to specialize in another branch or another field of study ... without considering their ages. However, candidates who wish to access they must have already passed their third year of college where they have already reached at least the number of years allowing registration in the third grade at high school.

This examination includes two categories of tests: the national and the regional one, the first one includes external candidates and those attending school, they must test in all subjects studied without exception, unlike those who want to spend the Regional examination. obtaining a graduate degree, the bachelor have the same benefit as the traditional title holder, he can either start a specialty (suitable to the average) in a university or college, perform professional training, ... or even start to look for a job.

To register for these exams, candidates have to introduce themselves to the academy in the city where they want to spend their examinations after they filled out the registration form (available at kiosks and bookstores). Otherwise, it can launch a quick registration online via http://candidaturebac.men.gov.ma/libres/. You must fill the parts that appear at the bottom too.

After finishing the pre-registration, the user will directly receive a letter validating his candidacy for the test session.

Regarding the results, they are spread only on taalim.ma the associated portal to the education Ministry.